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Basic TCP analysis with Wireshark - Part 1

Basic TCP analysis with Wireshark TCP is a reliable connection-based protocol that is used by many of the application layer protocols we use every day. HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP are only a few examples from the list. This is the first article in a series that illustrates the basics of the TCP protocol and its analysis using Wireshark. Basic knowledge of how to use Wireshark is needed. TCP analysis articles TCP connection establishment and termination Data transmission over TCP What is TCP There are many transport layer protocols, from which TCP and UDP are the most popular. TCP is an acronym for T ransmission C ontrol P rotocol and it has the following characteristics Connection based: In TCP, a connection is established between the two communicating hosts and the state of this connection is maintained on the two hosts. Usually, the two hosts are named client and server and the client is the host who initiates the connection to the server. Reliable: TCP is a reliable protocol.